A Glimpse at a Growing Library Professional

Belinda at graduation

Welcome to the website of an emerging library professional. As a visitor to my site you are aware that the webadress seems rather strange. Fear not, for the story about this website is not as felonious as one might imagine. I am not only a librarian searching for enlightenment, I am also the webmaster for Jake's Music Service in Alsip IL. I figured that not only would using the extra server space be efficient but also allow me to maintain contact with the backend of the website on a more frequent basis.

In January 2010, I finished my Master's degree in Library Science from the ALA accredited univerity, Dominican University in River Forest IL. While at the University I was a graduate assistant, intern and sat on the student board. I also recieved an academic scholarship based on my GRE scores from the university. During my time at Dominican University, I took many reference, theory and management courses which all dealt with information retrieval, and organization. Please click on my resume to learn more about my skills as a librarian, professional and scholar.

Belinda in a Nutshell

Me doing something
    • Belinda finished her undergraduate career at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in three years, even after two major changes.
    • At UIUC, Belinda receieved degrees in Germanic Language and Literature and History with an empahsis on the History and Philosophy of Early Modern Europe.
    • While at Dominican University, Belinda was a graduate assistant and intern for LIBRAS.
    • Belinda is an avid flute player and has preformed at Carnegie Hall.
    • Being an animal lover, Belinda cares for two cats full-time and volunteers at local animal shelters part-time.
    • Belinda is a voracious reader.
    • Belinda has been to Germany 3 times and plans to go back in near future, the above photo was taken at a Christmas Market in Germany in 2007.